Can I collect my prize?

   Yes of course we would welcome you to join us and enjoy your prize as soon as your ready, failing that all prizes will be delivered anywhere in UK & Ireland Free of charge

Can I attend draw?

   Yes we would love to have you call along if you’ve entered the draw!

When does each competition close?

   Each competition will have a draw timer but the competition will only close once all entries are sold

How do you choose winner?

   Each customer will receive their unique number when they place their order, we will take all numbers and using a google generator select the winner. This will be done via live stream on all social media pages.

What if all Entries are not sold in Time?

   If competition doesn’t sell all tickets the draw date will be extended until all tickets are sold, unless we decide to proceed anyway which will be at our discretion.

Can I Exchange my prize?

   No in interest of fairness to each winner prizes will not be exchanged. Draws are final